Does your shop offer Body Piercing?
Yes. Sacred Tattoo offers piercing through a company called Pure Body Arts. The piercers only use implant grade titanium with internal threading. All piercings are done with a needle and not a gun. On average piercings start around $50 with the jewelry. If you'd like more exact price on a certain piercing. Please call 718-384-3377 or 212-226-4286 to talk with the piercer directly. The piercers work 7 days a week as a walk-in only. No appointments are needed or taken.
Pure offers body piercing service and jewelry sales Tuesday - Sunday between the hours of 1-7pm. No service is offered on Monday.

Please note that since the piercers have their own business out of our location, no piercing related questions are answered via email so please call the number above during our business hours.

How old do I have to be in order to get at tattoo?
In the state of NY you must be at least 18 years old and have valid government issued ID. We do not accept school ID cards. If you are under the age of 18, there is no way for us to tattoo you. Even if your parents say it’s okay. It will be well worth the wait and we would love to tattoo your once you’ve reached legal age.

I’m looking to get a tattoo, what should I bring with me?
We’d love to do whatever image you bring us or have in mind. Any reference material you have can and will aid the artist with what you’re looking to do. Please note, if you bring in a picture of a tattoo that’s already been done we will suggest changing the image slightly so that it’s original to you and only you. Small tattoos and lettering are done as walk-ins so please arrive early with any printed reference for the artist to see.

If you're not local and would like to book in via email. Please answer the questions below. All NYC clients must come in for an in-person consultation with the artist.

What are you looking to have done? Please attach any links on what you have in mind.

When are you looking to get tattooed?

How large do you want the tattoo and where would you be placing it on your body?

What artist do you want to work on you? If you did not look yet. Click on the ARTISTS section of our site to see who tattoos at Sacred.Please note that the artists only tattoo in the style shown on the site. What should I leave at home?
Your children. Sacred tattoo is an 18 & over adult environment. It's best to leave your children at home as we do not allow them in the tattoo rooms. Lets face it, nobody wants to hear crying children while they are getting tattooed.

Who tattoos at Sacred and what is their schedule & hourly rate?
Andy B - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.
Andy's rate is $200 per hour.
Camila Rocha - By appointment only.
Camilia's rate is $250 per hour.
Gunny - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Gunny's rate is $200 per hour.
Jessica V - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Jessica's rate is $200 per hour.
Matt Buck - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Matt's rate is $200 per hour.
Rods Jimenez - Rods rate is $250 an hour. Full day session of $1,400.00. Rods has a minimum of 3 hours per session. Rods takes appointments Tuesday - Friday. If he takes appointments on Saturday, his day off; he only works on a day rate of $1,700.00

If you have not checked out the artists work, their portfolios can be viewed by clicking the "ARTIST" tab on the top left section of our site.

How much do tattoos cost?
The shop minimum is $100.00 and our hourly rate for custom work goes between $200.00 to $250 an hour depending on the artist. The artist might be able to give you a flat price on a tattoo as well. Please note that guest artist rates can range between $200 - $350 an hour and will be posted ahead of time in their profile on our site.

What will void my deposit?
No call or no show for your appointment.
Canceling less than 24 hours notice.
Changing your design concept after the consultation & deposit has been left. You are entering under an agreement that the artist is going to be working on a certain design for you. If you change the design any time after the deposit was made, your deposit will be void and appointment will be canceled.
Moving your appointment around more than 2 times.
Wanting to move your appointment to a different artist.
Wanting to give your deposit to a friend.
Showing up to your appointment without government issued ID. We cannot tattoo you without ID. Regardless of how old you may be.

Do tattoos hurt?
Everyone has their own threshold when it comes to pain. If it really hurt that bad, would you see so many people walking down the street with tattoos? Getting tattooed is more irritating and annoying than painful.

Can I get tattooed if I’m sick?

Getting tattooed while sick isn’t really the best idea. Lowering your immune system anymore than it already is could extend the healing time of your tattoo and in turn take longer for you to get back to full health. Plus you could also get the artist sick.

Do you take credit cards?
Yes, though we can only take up to 40% of the total transaction on credit card. Cash is suggested so please come prepared. Please note that all sales are charged a 4.5% NY state service tax. We do not take bank transfers or paypal.

What are your hours?
We’re open daily from 12pm to 8pm. We’ve been known to stay later in order to work with a client’s schedule. Sacred Gallery is also open daily from Noon to 8pm. Last call for walk-in tattooing is 7pm.

Where are you located?
Sacred Tattoo is located at 424 Broadway on the 2nd floor. Our cross streets are Canal & Howard. You can reach us from the N,R,Q,6,A,C,E,J,Z train lines to Canal street.

Are you located anywhere near TIMES SQUARE?
No. We are located about 50 blocks south in SoHo, bordering Chinatown.

Do I need to leave a deposit if I’m trying to schedule an appointment?
Deposits are required to make an appointment. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. The deposit covers your drawing, secures your appointment, and comes off the final price of your tattoo. Deposits are one hours rate. $200 or $250.00. If you are local. Deposits must be made in person. Paid in cash. Only out of state or country clients can leave credit card deposits via email, skype or phone. Please note that Sacred does not take deposits or payments via Western Union, Paypal or bank transfer.

What if I need to cancel or move my appointment?

It's understandable that things can "come up" the day of your appointment. You must call or email AT LEAST 24 HOURS before your appointment if you need to cancel or re-schedule. Deposits are void for no call/no show appointments, moving your appointment around more than twice or completely changing the design concept after the the consultation.

Can I have a few drinks before getting tattooed?

If you’re looking to get a tattoo, we require that you are not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who is intoxicated and/or can smell alcohol.