Sheena works in New York and Philadelphia. She has a BFA from Kutztown University, PA. Working in a Neo-Traditional American Tattoo style, Sheena combines the best of a classic style with an electric blast. Sheena tends to gravitate towards a high-impact, and loud color palette, which makes her images pop. Her audacious use of color is one of the greatest strengths of her work.  Sheena specializes in one-point tattooing, and is extremely creative and loves when challenged by an interesting subject. Counter-culture aesthetics ranging from kink, camp, and BDSM, fuze with her interested in witchcraft and various mythologies are the subjects of her work.

Sheena's rate is $200 per hour. To schedule an appointment go to our contact and fill out a tattoo request form. Please note that not all applications will be accepted. If a tattoo concept does not match the artist's tattoo style, the artist may opt not to undertake a project.


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