Needles is an accomplished tattoo Artist and has been influencing the art of tattooing for several decades. His work can be seen in countless publications. Needles' drawing and dynamic compositions demonstrate an erudite understanding of traditional Japanese tattoos.  One might consider his work a bridge between East and West; an "American" aesthetic sensibility informed by an appreciation for long-standing Japanese traditions. Needles oeuvre is diverse, experimental and highly skilled. He is also a licensed tattoo artist for Lucas Films Ltd, and can make official Star Wars tattoos. Needles is willing to cover-up or rework existing tattoos.

Needles' rate is rate is $200 per hour. To schedule an appointment go to our contact and fill out a tattoo request form. Please note that not all applications will be accepted. If a tattoo concept does not match the artist's tattoo style, the artist may opt not to undertake a project.


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