Jon Clue


Jon Clue has been tattooing for over twenty years. He has made noticeable contributions to the "Bio-Organic" tattoo genre. As a tattoo artist and painter Clue has collaborated with other legends such as Guy Aitchison, Arron Cain, Filip Leu, and Shige. His work has been featured in the biggest publications in the trade, including Tattoo Burst, Tattoo, Skin Deep, Society.

Jon has made significant contributions to the development of tattooing and is celebrated for his vivid color palette and experimentation with rare pigments.  Although best known for Neo-Traditional, Bio Organic and Space Galaxy tattoos he can work in any style. Jon is also willing to cover-up or rework existing tattoos.

Jon's rate is $200 per hour. To schedule an appointment go to our contact and fill out a tattoo request form. Please note that not all applications will be accepted. If a tattoo concept does not match the artist's tattoo style, the artist may opt not to undertake a project.


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